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First Impressions on Istanbul Guide

A few days ago Apple approved my iPhone Application and Istanbul Guide is available to download for free on App Store since 14 January 2010. So far, feedbacks are positive and I’ve decided to go on and improve it, actually I’m going to put the things that I have removed and also, implement some new features.

The first app is developed to learn about platform and the application approval process which was a real pain. I’m hopping the next time, it will be easier to publish an app on app store.

I want to share some data about the app, despite it has been online for 6 days, the application is downloaded almost 1K, yes, almost 1000 times. Most of the downloads come from Turkey and followed by european countries like Denmark, Netherlands and those are followed by the US.

I want to thank everyone who downloaded the app.

Hello World on iPhone

I have played most of the popular application development platforms available today from Microsoft’s .Net to open source platforms on unix/linux with python/php/java/c++ … etc. However, I couldn’t had a change to develop for Mac OS X platforms till having a Mac.

Spending a few weeks (not full time) for learning and developing for Mac OS X is enough and fun. Learning Obj-c is not a big issue but it takes some time to get familiar with the libraries and frameworks. I made my choice to build an iPhone application as a start point and made a simple hello iphone world application and called it “Istanbul Guide”.

Application contains some popular places in Istanbul for the tourists and also, provides some basic information like text, photo and the current distance about locations. As I said app is not a big deal (some screens shown below), wait for the killer ones …

Also working on a page to provide my iPhone App statuses.

Becoming a Mac

Its just started with a new macbook pro

Bought it and love it …

Helping Mac users & developers …

Today I got my Magic Mouse! Nothing to say, its Magic. Thanks dude @kemalispirli

Finally, someone made it! This company impressed me …

And now, I’m a mac …

The next thing is 3GS

Android is Getting Polular

Motorola moving from linux based mobile phone stack to Google’s Android. It seems there would be big compitition between iPhone & Android in the future. Today,  I think iPhone ahead of others

iPhone at Bimeks

It is hard to believe that we are selling iPhone at the same time with Turkcell and Vodafone in Turkey.