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iPhone 4S Camera Test 2

Here some photos taken by iPhone 4S.

About iPhone 4S Sim Failure & Batter Usage

There are hundreds of posts & thousands of page views about iPhone 4S Batter Life at Apple Support Forums. A few days, I’ve faced same problems a few days like I had no sim and sim failure errors, network losses and a few hours with full charge ! It seems problem is related directly with Apple but still there are solutions, at least two things worked for me;

1 – Changing SIM card with new one ( currently 64Kb micro sim ) solved network loss and sim failure errors.
2 – Turning off a few location based services;

The result is surprising, my iphone batter is 70 % with 1 day standby and 1 hour usage.


You can still have 2 days standby with a few hours usage.

iPhone 4S Camera Test 1

New iPhone’s camera is much better than expected, still I’m playing with camera. So, Its too early to evaluate and compare with other devices. What I want is to share two photos taken through this device.

Finally iPhone 4S is Here

Siri is amazing ….

Istanbul is Ready For Sale on the App Store

Yesterday, my new iPhone App (extended version of Istanbul Guide) has been approved for sale on the App Store. New App provides more and rich content with additional features such as public transportation lines (metro & trams for now) and weather information for Istanbul.

So far, your ideas helped me to improve the application to be more useful. Thank you for sharing your ideas with me. I’d be happy to see feedbacks.

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