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I’m a rock star

Yes, I’m a rock star but not the one you already know, a geek one. Today, I’ve seen the best TV ad of 2009; Intel TV ad “Sponsors of Tomorrow”.

So, if I rearrange my top companies having best ad campaigns;

Microsoft needs a new agency, seriously.


An other useful article from IBM about Jenabean

Sun Sucks

Sun doesn’t implement J2ME for Pocket PCs. Alternatives are IBM’s J9 (not free) and open source mysaifu ( it doesnt implement J2ME specifications only primitive JVM). Sun sucks…

Future is Mobile

According to IBM researches in 5 years time one cannot live without cell phone. IBM spends huge amount of money to R&D and their researches are worth to consider. They really pay attention on consumer needs today and the future. However, what if they are pushing producers and consumers according to their wishes !!! Simply, making near future predictions by R&D companies may lead market to that direction. In both, result is the advantage of the R&D company. That’s why, it seems mobility will be more important.

Sun Community Innovation Awards Program

Google announced android challenge a few weeks ago now Sun does same thing. Sun sponsors open source community $1M innovation award. Details will be available on Jan 2008. I haven’t heart anything about IBM’s open source competitions. Have you ? Probably IBM is waiting his opponents.