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How YouTube handles rapid growth

Recipe for handling rapid growth

while (true)

This loop runs many times a day.

If you wonder YouTube architecture you will find necessary information at


Android is a software stack for mobile devices powered by Google. Its again Google. I was expecting Apple to announce open source application development platform for mobile devices to develop iPod, iPhone … etc. applications. Steve Jobs should make something useful instead blaming Google being search monopoly.

Google launched Android Developer Challenge which will provide 10$ million. I would like to attend it but I have lack of smart people who can code with me.

Google Maps API

After quick look to Google Maps API, I figure out how to use with Php and embed it in to facebook applications. Problem is facebook has its own javascript implementation. There are not much differences between js and facebook js the idea is to keep user on her/his scope only (security issue). That’s why you cannot use js libs outside the facebook world. Solution is iframe. Embed your page in your facebook application, notice that iframe is not applicable to user profile.

Open Social

One week ago Microsoft paid $240 Million for Stake in Facebook and it is 1.6% of Facebook. I was waiting Google to response but I’m surprised !!! Google didn’t make investment on Facebook but they are doing something good and useful. They have released new API called Open Social that provides developers to develop social applications accross multiple websites. By using API you can access friends on network and their feeds.

There is sandbox called Orkut and needs to registrations. Thanks Google for accepting me to their developer sandbox …