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What is Wrong With Google?

Today, I launched Firefox and tried to google something (as usual) but I got an error page claims that I’m a spammer. What is going wrong with Google? See the error page below.

Yahoo vs Google

Recently, I’m finding more Yahoo! Inc. research papers rather than Google’s. So, two questions come my mind:

  1. Which one is paying more attention on web search ? Yahoo?
  2. Which one is more open? Google?

Google I/O

I wish I would be there

I think mono geeks are much faster than java geeks … See mono on the iPhone

Sun Community Innovation Awards Program

Google announced android challenge a few weeks ago now Sun does same thing. Sun sponsors open source community $1M innovation award. Details will be available on Jan 2008. I haven’t heart anything about IBM’s open source competitions. Have you ? Probably IBM is waiting his opponents.

Google Maps Terrain View

Google Maps introduces new terrain view. You can explore rivers, lakes, mountains …etc. A quick look to Turkiye

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