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About Android

Finally, I had a chance to play with Android SDK and develop something. Something called Istanbul Guide, yes the Android version of my first iPhone App. It’s available both in Android Market and Community Markets for free to download.


I’m interested in Android because it’s open, it’s linux, it’s java … etc. If you look at end user point, no doubt that iPhone is the killer.  iOS is its limited, there are boundaries and rules you have to obey. I want freedom. Why? Recently started a new project (still in design phase), which aims to make disabled people’ life easier. Resulted application supposed to modify underling operating system to replace existing user-device interaction like replacing standard keypad … etc. That’s impossible for iOS but not in Android.

I’ll be still working on iOS but I believe innovation happens when it’s open.

A Delayed Post

I don’t know why it takes so long to post something but significant things happened in last few weeks which made my entire life to change. I’m not going to share it at the moment, may be in time.

So, I want to mention some events that I wanted to write about but I couldn’t.
JavaDay Istanbul ’09, yes, I was there and events were based on JavaFX as JavaOne ’09. Some photos from the day.
I liked touch wall (I made this word) JavaFX demonstration, it was funny and I also, admired the women who has spoken very fast and without any break in one hour about mysql.
I know, many things happened about technology but the last one is Google Chrome OS. An OS with annoying features for Microsoft and Apple. I support you guys go ahead you really force some old guys to improve their products like Microsoft IE.

Are you there?

Yes, but I’m a little busy with work, university, personal life … etc. I know it couldn’t be a reason not to blog but I do it, I usually complain about being busy when I don’t write anything. Anyway, it has been two weeks without blogging and so many important things happened that I want to mention. I can’t talk too much about them, in brief;

First thing is Google Wave If I have to tell what I think about Google Wave in one word, it’d be amazing. Imagine that something like an operating system runs on web and it is real time. I can’t believe that Google is killing Microsoft day by day and Microsoft still sits and watches it.

Second, RIA, I had a chance to test Adobe Air with Flex 3 and Microsoft Silverlight. I’m not going to compare and contrast these two technologies but I like the idea behind Adobe Air and Flex 3.

And last one is about Windows 7, it is much better than Vista but I’m not satisfied what I’ve seen. It is faster than Vista on file operations like copy, paste …etc. However, I can’t say same thing for all. In general, it works fine but still far behind Apple’s Leopard.

I’m having trouble with my stomach for two days, I might have food poisoning but I’m not sure that, just trying to get rid of it.

Google and Future of the Semantic Web

Yesterday, Google announced support for lightweight semantic markups; RDFa and microformats which is a big issue for the future of web and also know as semantic web. Yahoo has been making experiments with RDFa and microformats with their new search engine called search monkey. I assume Microsoft’ Live and Powerset will add same (may be full RDF) support soon.

So, the important point is; it is a big push to the current web to shape it more meaningful way. Why should a market dominant do it? Google search engine is powered with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and it works very well but it may be useless when compared future data on the web. NLP is a powerful technique which is aimed to translate spoken languages to machine ones to process, analyze and use it. There are many languages in the world which Google has to deal them separately and it is doing it very well. So, what is the challenge? It is social networks.

It is easy to manage your web site or web page content by yourself and ensure that it is well formed and correct for search engines. However, it is impossible to manage user distributed data over social networks. And, the easiest way to do it; add semantics to the content which will help search engines (or whatever you have) to process it.

I guess this push will improve the feature of the web and also semantic web. It seems we are going to see more tools, libraries, frameworks built in support for RDFa and microformats.

Larry Page’s University of Michigan Commencement Address

One day, this will happen in my country, I believe it.

Full transcript.