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Book Review: Learning OMNeT++

Last week I read Learning OMNeT++ , the book is published by Packt Publishing which is about popular network simulation software. Book is 102 pages and it is easy to read and follow, it took a few days to go over and finish it. It is available in  pdf, epub and Kindle formats which is good.

Book covers OMNET++ IDE, network structure, models, basic and compound modules, simulation environment, evaluation of simulation results and INET framework with example simulations.

It is a good resource to start learning OMNET++.  It’d be nice if wireless related topics was included too. If you want to make quick start to OMNET++, I’d recommend reading the book: Learning OMNET++.

Learning OMNET++

Learning OMNET++



Semantic Web for Dummies

For those who don’t get what the semantic web means, this book will help them.

Information Retrieval

Found the book which is about IR while I was making research about “Latent Semantic Indexing”. IR focuses on finding necessary data within large datasets and also deals with “unstructured” (and “semistructured”) data.

The book discusses IR techniques and algorithms such as XML retrieval, Probabilistic information retrieval, Language models for information retrieval, Text classification and Naive Bayes, Vector space classification … vs. It is really useful someone who has to deal with unstructured data like me.

O’Reilly Safari Books Online

While I was searching some books from O’Reilly I noticed It was too expensive to buy a book from abroad. However I can’t find what I want in Turkiye. At the end I decided to try Safari Books Online and bought one month service. Everything is cool except limited account, I can search and read all books that I want however I can add max 10 books to my bookshelf and I can’t remove until a month passes. Also, some books took 2 slots in bookshelf, this is really sucks. One of the benefits of online books is ability to read books not published yet but available online.

In my bookshelf there are 3 books takes 4 slots. I’m going to make a review about those book as soon as I finish them.