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Some Reasons Why My Blog Traffic Doubled

First, I’ve started blogging in August 2005 with a friend suggestion. I’m blogging for myself, trying to share my feelings, my thoughts, my lifestyle …etc. I never been in a worry to become popular or someone else, just trying to be me.

Recently, I noticed that somehow my blog traffic has doubled for last  months. I figured out some possible reasons that my drive blog traffic:

  1. Shift from blogger to custom domain with wordpress
  2. WordPress plugins like SEO, Google sitemap ..etc.
  3. Regular entries
  4. Twitter
  5. Be myself

WordPress 2.7.1

I’ve been using WordPress for months and tried alternatives (I used Blogger for years) and when I compared WordPress with others it is a real killer application. I haven’t faced any big issues yet.

A few years ago updating web based applications was a nightmare. You have to touch database, your existing data and source code. Today upgrading your exiting application with WordPress is just one click. Automatic update handles everything in seconds for you. I did it a few minutes ago and now blogging on WordPress 2.7.1

A Little Change

After blogger disaster in Turkey, I moved my blog to a shared hosting. Shift happened too fast, so I just picked a random theme for my blog. At the end, today, I found a chance to Google for some cool wordpress themes. I decided on something called “resurrection”. It is buggy and doesn’t support widgets. You have to manually adjust the your sidebar content. Despite lack of  wordpress functionally, it makes your blog look like a bit geeky and cool. I’m planning to play with theme and write some stuff to handle standard wordpress things  in my free time.

Finally, I’m getting close to the end of the semester. So, I’ll have more free time to play Red Alert 3 and do some funny things. Describe “funny things”? I registered a funny domain to make a small enjoyable web 2.0 application. It won’t be a big issue but it’ll have more functionally than isit2009yet. Enough talk lets, fight 🙂

Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has changed the dashboard ui. I liked new rounded style. An other useless twitter application but it looks cool


Multitasking is the ability of eating pear with milk while reading about term weighting and listening Linkin Park and thinking about feature projects at the same time. Sure blogging and tweeting all the stuff.