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About Android

Finally, I had a chance to play with Android SDK and develop something. Something called Istanbul Guide, yes the Android version of my first iPhone App. It’s available both in Android Market and Community Markets for free to download.


I’m interested in Android because it’s open, it’s linux, it’s java … etc. If you look at end user point, no doubt that iPhone is the killer.  iOS is its limited, there are boundaries and rules you have to obey. I want freedom. Why? Recently started a new project (still in design phase), which aims to make disabled people’ life easier. Resulted application supposed to modify underling operating system to replace existing user-device interaction like replacing standard keypad … etc. That’s impossible for iOS but not in Android.

I’ll be still working on iOS but I believe innovation happens when it’s open.

Android is Getting Polular

Motorola moving from linux based mobile phone stack to Google’s Android. It seems there would be big compitition between iPhone & Android in the future. Today,  I think iPhone ahead of others

Sun Community Innovation Awards Program

Google announced android challenge a few weeks ago now Sun does same thing. Sun sponsors open source community $1M innovation award. Details will be available on Jan 2008. I haven’t heart anything about IBM’s open source competitions. Have you ? Probably IBM is waiting his opponents.


Android is a software stack for mobile devices powered by Google. Its again Google. I was expecting Apple to announce open source application development platform for mobile devices to develop iPod, iPhone … etc. applications. Steve Jobs should make something useful instead blaming Google being search monopoly.

Google launched Android Developer Challenge which will provide 10$ million. I would like to attend it but I have lack of smart people who can code with me.