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iPhone 4S Camera Test 3

I see my blog turns into iPhone Blog but I like this device 🙂 This weekend I took some photos from my new toy 🙂 new photos are taken in a cloudy day. I’ll try to take samples from different light conditions.

iPhone 4S Video Test

Here is a sample video take by iPhone 4S.

You have to visit this link to see it in full HD.

iPhone 4S Camera Test 2

Here some photos taken by iPhone 4S.

About iPhone 4S Sim Failure & Batter Usage

There are hundreds of posts & thousands of page views about iPhone 4S Batter Life at Apple Support Forums. A few days, I’ve faced same problems a few days like I had no sim and sim failure errors, network losses and a few hours with full charge ! It seems problem is related directly with Apple but still there are solutions, at least two things worked for me;

1 – Changing SIM card with new one ( currently 64Kb micro sim ) solved network loss and sim failure errors.
2 – Turning off a few location based services;

The result is surprising, my iphone batter is 70 % with 1 day standby and 1 hour usage.


You can still have 2 days standby with a few hours usage.

iPhone 4S Camera Test 1

New iPhone’s camera is much better than expected, still I’m playing with camera. So, Its too early to evaluate and compare with other devices. What I want is to share two photos taken through this device.