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Internet of Things

Internet of Things(IoT) is an interesting topic in computer science. The idea behind IoT is, enabling everyday objects in the Internet through RFID tags, sensors, mobile devices …etc. There is an interesting study made by Latitude Labs with kids and their expectations from Internet. Sum results from study;

RXTX PortInUseException on Mac OSX

This was my first serial programming experience on Mac OS X with Java and it was painful. There is no official library for Java for writing/reading from serial interface. Open source libraries available but those depends on OS, and OS architecture and java versions. After required libs installed, I had to get list of all port on my mac using rxtx however, had to deal with with PortInUseException while opening a port. Thanks to this guy; solution is to set up a folder and required permissions at location /var/lock, then everything went very well.

After a few years I returned back to java, it still same java nothing much here 🙂 I can handle it.

Bir Kurban Daha Geride Kaldı

Kurban Bayramı bitti, Konya’nın sakin sessizliğinden İstanbul’un karmaşasına geri göndüm ve çalışmalar çoktan başladı. Hemde yoğun bir şekilde. Kurban Bayramından geriye küçük bir kare kaldı.

A Fresh Start

I haven’t touch my blog for months and It doesn’t seem I can write long posts every day or week but at least I try to share things like videos, links …etc.

Using godaddy or an other hosting company for a power user, doesn’t work. I have to move a private server, ordered and set it up within two days. So, I can say this is a fresh start and I hope I can continue on writing regularly.