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About Django Template Development

As you know I’m a python and django fan. I try to use python and django in every project including academic studies. A few days ago, I had the book “Django 1.0 Template Development” and still exploring it. Thanks to Packt Publishing.

As long as I finalize my current study, I’m going to start writing about django template development and a review about the book. There is a sample chapter “Serving Multiple Templates” which you can download and read for free.

A Delayed Post

I don’t know why it takes so long to post something but significant things happened in last few weeks which made my entire life to change. I’m not going to share it at the moment, may be in time.

So, I want to mention some events that I wanted to write about but I couldn’t.
JavaDay Istanbul ’09, yes, I was there and events were based on JavaFX as JavaOne ’09. Some photos from the day.
I liked touch wall (I made this word) JavaFX demonstration, it was funny and I also, admired the women who has spoken very fast and without any break in one hour about mysql.
I know, many things happened about technology but the last one is Google Chrome OS. An OS with annoying features for Microsoft and Apple. I support you guys go ahead you really force some old guys to improve their products like Microsoft IE.