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Yes Man Yesss

“I want you to invite yes into your lives… When you say yes to things, you embrace the possible. You gobble up all of life’s energies and you excrete the waste…”

I have seen “Yes Man” twice and it is kind a different for a comedy movie.
Main theme is saying yes brings opportunities and makes you live the life. In brief, I’m impressed. I like Jim Carrey‘s perform and Zooey Deschanel as Allison is really cute. She made me watch it twice. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is worth to see.

A Short Journey to My Hometown

Tonight I’m flying to my hometown. Planning to spend time with my family and younger sister; she has been waiting for me to play games. Also, I want to see my old friends, so I may not be online whole weekend.

This Sunday Turkey is going to vote for local elections and so do I. I hope our country will get the management it deserves.

I have to be at work by week starts, so I already booked tickets for Monday morning.

Happy weekend.

Who is Mysterion?

South Park made a cool start to Season 13. Episode 2; “The Coon” is awesome, watched twice and still don’t know the true identity of Mysterion Kid. Made a quick research by exploring south park forums and fun sites but I couldn’t find the right answers to the question “Who is Mysterion?”

In my opinion Kenny or Clyde could be Mystreion Kid in the episode. My clues;

These are my thoughts about Mysterion but it is South Park anyone could be him. I think directors have future plans about super heroes.

I wish

I wish I can come to office like this but with Mustang

Dayan Kalbim by Gökhan Kırdar

Gökhan Kırdar is the most popular singer/songwriter for TV shows in Turkey. His style is fascinating and unique; you can guess his songs easily whenever you hear it. Dayan Kalbim is my favorite, don’t try to understand it, feel it in your soul.