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Microsoft IE Loses the Battle Against Firefox and Safari

Check out w3school browser stats and see how Microsoft IE is losing market share against Firefox and Safari.  So, why are they losing the browser war?  Remember the old saying “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Now let’s quick look at the new IE 8, following sites are not supported by IE 8:


A quick look for the new Safari 4; Safari 4 Released, Claimed “30 Times Faster Than IE7”

First they ignored us now Open Source is winning the battles against Microsoft.

Best South Park Episodes Part 1

The boys (in order from left to right): Eric C...

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I’m usually blogging about Semantic Web or South Park. Main reason is it is about real life so what makes South Park to be my favorite TV Show all time. I’ve started watching South Park from begging, it takes time but it’s worth. So far I’ve completed 5 seasons and my favorite episodes (ordered in time) are:

  1. Season 2 Episode 3 “Chickenlover”
  2. Season 4 Episode 12 “4th Grade”
  3. Season 5 Episode 1 “Scott Tenorman Must Die”
  4. Season 5 Episode 13 “Kenny Dies”

These are funny among seasons 1- 5 but not my best ones, I’ll share them soon …

WordPress 2.7.1

I’ve been using WordPress for months and tried alternatives (I used Blogger for years) and when I compared WordPress with others it is a real killer application. I haven’t faced any big issues yet.

A few years ago updating web based applications was a nightmare. You have to touch database, your existing data and source code. Today upgrading your exiting application with WordPress is just one click. Automatic update handles everything in seconds for you. I did it a few minutes ago and now blogging on WordPress 2.7.1

What Is Singularity?

Do you hear the word “Singularity” so much these days? I do. So, what is it? Singularity may refer following concepts; mathematics, complex analysis, algebraic geometry, science, television … etc. I’m interested in technological singularity which aims to develop machines smarter than human intelligence.

The word Singularity sounds like a something mystic and the concept behind it reminds me the movie The Matrix. I don’t believe it’d happen as long as I’m alive. Despite its probability to happen there are huge investments on this project like The Singularity Institute and Nasa – Google companion Singularity University.

Assume that somehow singularity succeeds and smarter machines are developed. Now the question is “what happens when these smart machines seek intelligent systems?”

“Hoca C’monnn” by Cem Yılmaz

Cem Yılmaz is my favorite comedian all time. A few days ago he attended a TV show and entire program gone around him and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

The most enjoyable part was when a competitor asked him to make English jokes. You can watch it below. It is awesome.