Eid al-Adha

After a long and tough journey I arrived my home yesterday. In normal conditions it takes 8 or 9 hours from Istanbul to Konya using a bus but ours broken down between Ankara and Bolu and it took 3 hours to get an aid to change the transportation vehicle. So, it took 12 hours. During 3 hours wait time, I got cold and barely getting better.

In my religion these days are called Eid al-Adha and whole week is officially holiday. I usually spent my time with my family in holidays and this is the main reason why I’ve traveled. Konya is one of the most facinating cities in Turkey and it is best known with Mevlana(k.s.). You can learn more about Mevlana(k.s.) and Konya using wikipedia or just I ask me 🙂

Eid Mubarek to all my brothers and sistes.