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About Eric T. Cartman

I can say that South Park is the best TV Show I have ever seen. And, Eric T. Cartman is the most funnies character in the series. Surprised when I read about Cartman’s personality in Wikipedia. Is it possible to some like him can exist in real life? Briefly, Eric T. Cartman:

Eric Cartman is often spoiled, foul-mouthed, sadistic, ill-tempered, insensitive, racist, antisemitic, sociopathic, greedy, loudmouthed, lazy, fat (he believes that he is not fat, but big-boned), wildly insecure, bigoted, and manipulative. He is portrayed as having a general lack of moral responsibility or social conscience. He despises Kyle because of his Jewish background and will make fun of him about being Jewish. Though he hates Kyle, he will socialize with him along with Stan and Kenny. Cartman has a habit of bullying and teasing all of his friends; Kyle is the most threatened and teased by Cartman during most episodes.

Sometimes Cartman acts differently around the other boys, even stating that Kenny is his best friend and he is okay with Stan, but later goes back to annoying everyone.

The Green Trend

Probably, Web 2.0 era is the golden age of the web with fancy social applications. So, what’s next? Failure !!!  These 2.0 companies already have started to run out of money and struggling to come up with new ideas.

So what will the next round be? Economic crises, energy problems, global warming … etc. centric solutions which points green computing will rule the market.

Some companies already have produced their greenest products like Apple MacBooks. In my opinion more entrepreneurs are going to focus on green technology to make a difference.

Semantic Web ~ Web 3.0

Web 2.0 makes our life easier day by day and lets us to access any information whenever and wherever we are with simple internet clients.

On the other hand, user contributed data (social media & networks) grows enormously so, we have to spend our time  by eliminate unnecessary data and pick up useful ones. There are two ways to handle this situation; intelligent applications or meaningful data. When we consider development and maintaining costs intelligent applications would be a failure. Giving meaning to data seems more applicable, at this point semantic web plays the role.

By definition;

Semantic web is the extension of the current web which delivers extra information
in well formed machine readable structure.

Web 2.0 is the new way of delivering information with user friendly designs, web services,
social networks, blogs, videos … etc.

Web 3.0 is the evolution of the Web 2.0.

Actually, Web 3.0 is going to be integration of social media with semantic web; adding semantic structure to user contributed data.

So, if you have machine readable data, smart agents can be developed to handle daily tasks you have to do. For example, if you need to buy a book, let it to be done by your agent.  It will seek and find the cheapest book and give an order for you. It is not only for machines, it might change the way we surf the web. For example, semantic web for e-government projects aim to provide all necessary information in one place (website).

However, it might have some issues like security and privacy. Also, semantic structures will result in the rise of agents and new types of spams.

Semantic Web research areas have been increasing and spreading and more companies investing for theses technologies. I hope I can take part in these research projects and develop something useful.

Possible Semantic Web Research Topics

I’ve tried to predict semantic web hot topics and feature trends in my recent posts.  Plan was eliminate some of topics according to my interests and make a decision during this holiday. First part of plan worked well but, unexpected things happened; I got cold and spent all my holiday (1 week) in the bed. If I hadn’t been sick I was going to search these 4 topics;

  1. Ontology Learning and Metadata Generation (e.g., HLT and ML approaches)
  2. Semantics in P2P Computing
  3. Semantic Web for e-Business, e-Science, e-Health, e-Culture, e-Government, e-Learning and other application domains
  4. Social networks and processes on the Semantic Web

We’ve decided these topics during the meeting before the holiday with my advisers  from both ex and new university. In my opinion these are more promising and familiar to me but I still can change it whatever I like and  any help will be applicable.

Tomorrow night, I will be leaving from Konya and will be at the office Monday morning in İstanbul.

One year with Twitter

One year ago today I registered @merturk nick on Twitter. At first, it was like plain old web 2.0 applications such as facebook .  I was twitting once or twice a day  and trying to find friends in my neighborhood to follow but it didn’t work. Then, twitter has become more popular day by day in 2008 and I had more (worth to follow) friends and followers.  Today, I’m tweeting all the time with my pc or mobile phone (even its an old one).

During this time period some of my habits have changed; I’m paying more attention to my twitter time line than my emails. I’m blogging less but tweeting more. I’ve posted 363 entries since 2005 but  904 tweets since 2007. If I have to use email for communication, I prefer twitter style short messages. I’ve complaint to @twitter for forgetting my birthday even I didn’t do it to my real life friends … and so on.

In conclusion, happy birthday my twitter account @merturk