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Java 3D

Have you ever tried 3D programming? I havent till to night. I’m coding 3D simple animations and writing this post at the same time… I liked it, it makes me feel good at the end of a hard working day. It is frustrating not to be able to upload files to blogger, I hope google will find a solution to this issue. That’s why I cant upload file here but I can upload a snapshot from my tiny animation.

Eclipse Europa is Out

Previous versions of eclipse supports J2EE which is old style enterprise application development. I havent tested yet but new version of eclipse called europa supports JEE.You can download it from I hope it is worth.

Dependency Injection

@EJB OrangeJuiceManagerLocal ojml;
@EJB WaterManagerLocal wml;

private OrangeJuice getSomeOrangeJuice(){

List oranges = ojml.finAllOranges();
Water water = wml.findColdWater();

return mixOrangeToWater(oranges,water);



Short Journey

I will start a short journey to night and my previous experience force me to buy the ticket early. It is a short journey because of my work I will back on Monday. I hope everything will be fine and enjoy good time at Konya within these two days.

What a nice day !!!

I thought I would be in Konya by tomorrow, however I couldn’t find a ticket even at buses and trains.

At the moment what I’m trying to do is inspecting Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) that is flexible protocol designed for allocating objects within registries over the Internet. I don’t know why but I like these complicated stuff even I don’t handle everything about it (not true for EPP, I got it ..)