XGL on Linux

XGL is a powerfull X Server powered with OpenGL, you should need X Server to run it. It has many features. You should see some fetatures here:



  • Decouple window resolution from display resolution. Applications may render windows at a particular resolution, but may be seen on-screen at a different resolution.
  • Fast, simple screen rotation/flipping/panning/magnification.
  • Advanced font rendering, including on-the-fly outline font rendering using textures and fragment programs
  • Simulated hardware overlay planes. This long-time workstation graphics feature could be implemented with texture compositing.
  • Full-screen color manipulation, including gamma correction, contrast enhancement, dimming/brightening, etc.
  • Mixed pixel depths on one screen. Redirected, top-level windows could all have different color depths (8, 16, 24, 32bpp)
  • Arbitrary per window colormaps (fragment program texel lookup)
  • Alternate window color spaces. “video” windows may be stored as YCbCr (smaller than RGB) and converted to RGB on the fly when displayed using texture hardware.
  • Window image compression: Use S3TC texture compression to compress windows whose contents seldom change. Best use would be the desktop background stored in the root window. Potentially big memory savings.
  • New opportunities for antialiased X rendering with OpenGL multisampled surfaces.
  • More